Escape from the cursed city game


My dual stick shooter game:
Laggy on slower devices :frowning:
what the dual stick 360 shooter demo has grown … :slight_smile:


Your game is very advanced it’s very cool to play !
i’ve played the first stage in easy mode, i can’t imagine use gun in hard mode, gun is slow between two bullets x)


Thank you. You can pick up the m16 from a crate at the beginning of the second level. It’s more effective :slight_smile:

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Is your game file available for learning ?

The game is pretty well done and enjoyable! My only feeback would be about the speed of bullets.

I’ve added it to the showcase in the top as it’s a convincing and well made Android game :slight_smile:
Great job!

Thank you!
It’s to slow the bullets? I making it now the floating thumbstick, so I’ll speed it up the bullets.

If I have time, I will upload the important parts. So it’s not as transparent as I store many variables in a graphics object, for example.

OK got it and …um…if u have time please make part two or add more levels …Game was very cool.

Edit:// I have just updated my Chromebook and it is fixed the touch. Everything is working nicely and smoothly :+1: