Espada de Sheris: Better and First 2D Platformer with Parkour Elements


Espada de Sheris is an indie game of 2D platformer chapters based and focused parkour where we control a European ninja cat called Kibo, He uses the Espada de Sheris to defeat masked duzkers and save the world in a post apocalyptic 2 world divided by cats and aliens

Game features

  • Parkour Levels
  • Hip Hop Music!
  • Nice Unique Pixel Graphics
  • Easy Character Controls
  • Constant update upto Chapter Five
  • Play now any touch or non-touch screen
  • Free To Play (F2P)

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Hey, neat! I like the background being noise graphics. It makes the game look like paper. However the brown texture of the platform’s side is a little too harsh.
Also, the camera zooming out slightly every time you move is a little disorienting. And why do the flower pots make you teleport to the other side?

Overall the aesthethics of the game has promise but I got tired of being called “really a noob”.