Espada de Sheris - Devlog Reboot 1

Hey Gamers, I’m SketBR, Welcome to new Devlog of Espada de Sheris

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Espada de Sheris is indie game (game in development) that control a ninja cat named Kibo that make parkour for save the ground of masked aliens in a post apocalyptic world

Espada de Sheris Gameplay:

This is new Espada de Sheris Gameplay, Improve level design and added Score Screen

Goodbye for next Devlog of Espada de Sheris

Thanks for read

Parkour Elements
Phonk Song
Epic Boss Fight
Cute-Action Vibes

Artist, Programmer, Song and all by @sketBR

Gdevelop, Aseprite(or Pixel Studio), Bandlab and YT (For SFX)

This Indie game made in smartphone and computer

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