Event Value Input Box gets stuck on screen (Web, iOS)

If you try to edit the value of something, this UI element will open up

You can’t close it in any way outside of inputting something — and even then it can get stuck on screen with no way of closing it beyond trying to edit the value of another event.

If you then try to select another scene, or menu it will get stuck on the top left of your screen blocking access to anything behind it.

At this point, if you navigate back to the tab where it originates from it returns to it’s original positition but keeps the problems described above.

I can repeat this on new game projects and different browsers.

My proposed solution is to simply close the menu if switching tabs or touching anywhere that isn’t the input menu

As of now there is no consistent way to close it without selecting another event value and praying it closes properly

Thanks for reporting.
Indeed, in the Web editor, the box doesn’t close when I click on another event line as usual, but pressing the Escape key does close the active box.
The boxes close normally in the Windows app.