Events queue not displaying/executing -- Linux

Installed and running so far so good on Linux Mint Petra (16)–I’ve used it for less than an hour, though, so time will tell.

While going through the beginner tutorial (turret and tanks), I encountered a phenomenon I couldn’t resolve. So far, it only effected the Object–>Displacement–>Angle action used on the Bullet sprite.

First, it would not display correctly in the events queue like the other actions; it fell outside the event row (sorry about the green tint:).

At first, it didn’t seem to matter much other than being an annoyance because I was unable to open it up again or edit it in any way; so if I wanted to change it, I’d have to delete the whole Bullet event and begin from scratch. I say it didn’t matter much, because the action was still executed during preview play.

However, after adding the Enemy sprites and their events, the bullet action disappeared altogether and I’ve not been able to get it to work, even after remaking the event. When I remade it (after the tanks event), it would draw the bullet sprites at the cannon (x,y) but they would not take the Force action; they remained where drawn.

FYI, I double-checked my events several times to make sure I’d entered everything correctly. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a case of user error. Any help or fix would be appreciated, because I’d love to use this software!

It’s surely due to the fact that this action is displayed a special character (Here, the degree ° character).
I’ll try to fix it for the next version :slight_smile:

Awesome. I look forward to it!

This is pretty wonderful software; so kudos to you!