Events System

Look this :smiley: :


                  This image is from Warcraft III World Editor, look at it in detail, is equal to GD  :wink: 



                 Is the same idea, with some changes. There are the best systems of "programation", but this (WC III WE Triggers) allows put the code in several pages in the same scene, so, the computer doesn't get slow with large codes, everyone with his own start condition, but they can be started from another page ignoring conditions or events. And the time is included and read in the same page, for example, in the second image, in the line 16 (4 before the bottom of the page), where says "Wait 8.00 seconds" is readed and the next 4 actions (with conditional "if" included) will be readed 8.00 seconds after the page start with its actions.
                I have to say that I like this more than the GD system.

               But I love the system Event or Conditions ====> Actions, in this or in GD, do you know another programs that use this system, for people that don't know programation yet?

PD: I write this message because long ago I did not write anything in the forum

There is “Construct” and “Construct 2.0” out there…, I played with it shortly, but I realised quickly that the programm crashes to often… for further info and download…

The Construct 2.0 (webbased) is not freeware!
(indeed, they provide a free version…, but it’s limited to 100 events…, 4 layers…, nothing you can handle with if you want to do more action in your project than “pong” )

i came here from construct by the way…

Yes, I remember Construct 2, I think it is based in HTML5, or not?
I don’t use it yet because the limitations that you said, Construct and Construct 2 was very similar than GD but with a $ symbol aside :smiley:
Construct is free, but uses DirectX, in linux under WINE don’t work :frowning:

In Game Develop, you can split the differents events in events sheet (in the project editor, below the categorie Scene). Then, you just have to add an event in the main scene that say “Link to the event sheet BLABLA” (link event).

Oh, yes… I never see these function :blush:

 Excelent, a new way to make the work easier :slight_smile: 
 Victor, did you use the Warcraft III World Editor, and its triggers? If not you should try it, is fantastic, you feel like a god. You control everything, with an easy way.

Conditionals if can be reproduced using sub events ( And these sub events are in fact far more powerful than a single conditional if as you can add a lot of sub events, and add sub events to these sub events :slight_smile: ).
As Victor said, External events are a great way to make the events cleaner.

By the way, how did you hear about Game Develop ? :slight_smile:

puh…, i can send you a dump from my browser history if you can handle a 10gig zip file :smiley:

I really don’t remember the path, but i guess there were some homepages that points directly to this great tool.

I was searching for some help for construct, it was often really anoying at some point but now I am very…, VERY happy I found this piece of software. Since then I did not start Contruct one more time :slight_smile:

Shortly you can download my work at (Program Mathe-Pferd)

(it’s for kids, you know, but my beta testing daughter loves it :smiley: )

I’ve just tested your game, I find it really interesting :slight_smile:
Of course it is not a game for “hardcore gamers”, but it is well realized and quite polished ( May be you could add some highlight when the cursor is on an area that can be clicked, or add a customized cursor in some of the games ). I would be interested in adding it to this list : If you agree, I will add it with for example the screenshot of the “Stadt” screen.

Sure, go ahead, it’s WIP and far from finished, I am working at it daily (also to implement your recent ideas :smiley:)