Hi ^_^, I’m working on my first GD game project and I wanted to start testing it right away in order to improve things right from the start, for that reason I appreciate a lot your feedback.

I’m showing you a prototype of the game only with the basics.

Genre: RPG/Platform
-Think about it like a rpg but instead of battling your enemies in a turn based battle system, you will have to defeat them in a platform level. I’m showing you only the platform part for now because the rpg part is not playable for now, it glitch a lot.

You can play it with the keyboard and a controller.


move - arrows
jump - Space
extra jump - space + z
shoot - ctrl

Link: dropbox.com/s/rp93i9pn57q4ve0/Test.rar?dl=0

It’s a cute game. It’s turning out good so far :smiley:

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

I have been working in some features of my game and I love feedback :wink: so maybe you want to give it a try, graphics are very poor for now :blush: I’ll work on them later :smiley:

New features:

  • Random generated Power Ups
  • Double Jump
  • Character health improved
  • Better collisions
  • Better Enemy AI

RPG part it’s still very gilthchy, just go to the mini mall and the talk (space bar) with the square buy the smartphone then press enter, clic on the squre with the label “cesar” and enjoy :slight_smile:

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/53mi8uyr8s07cl1/AAA2FkvOdFWLk8jWYav0hvM1a?dl=0

I’d like to know more about that game idea :slight_smile: So it’s like a Zelda 2 or Elliot Quest or Actraiser?
About the testing I made:
-Double jump didn’t work
-After I entered side scrolling view, only moving left and right worked. And only chance was fall to death so I can restart and then controls worked.
-In top down rpg view, collision was pretty bad (you probably know that). Maybe you should put collision mask somewhere around legs or waist :slight_smile:
-Random power ups works fine

Keep it going! :slight_smile: Waiting for the next test version!

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Well it’s like a mix between an RPG and a platformer. RPG it’s for a better story telling but instead of having a turn based battle system there will be platform levels. The game is inspired on a book called Summa daemoniaca written by father José Antonio Fortea, in the game you will play as Allisa who will go into a “digital hell” (platform part) where you will learn about the past of the main character. the concept of hell it’s diferent from the fiery cliche idea, it’s based in a more “realistic” idea of hell, if you want to be more updated about the game like weekly updates check out my web site or my twitter :wink: http://hibuerasleague.wix.com/gelostudio

Some features that I want to test in the game:

-2 endings (because it goes really cool with the story)
-RPG elements into the platform part like leveling up
-A mechanic to find secret levels (maybe I can have a prototype of this feature on next update)

Thanks again for your feedback and advice about collision, It helps me a lot to make the game better ^_^, and about the double jump it works but maybe the buttons are not easy to use :blush: I’ll will change the way of doing double jump, you can double jump by holding the up arrow and pressing space bar :smiley:

Okay, sounds cool :slight_smile: I’ll join your mailing list :smiley:

Aaa ok! Now jumping works even begin when I first press arrow up :smiley: Yeah double jump by pressing same button is must! :slight_smile:

Cool thanks! :smiley:

I just finish a new feature of the game and I need to do some testing to see if it’s way too complicated or if it’s fun :slight_smile:


  • cellphone menu almost working at 100% (you can open it by pressing enter)
  • Now you can return to the RPG part after you finish a level and you can access any completed level from the smartphone menu just click the first red box.
    -You can save by pressing “s”
    -Cipher passwords to unlock bonus levels (no level design included because I’m keeping the juicy part for later :wink: )

What I need to work on:

-RPG collision system
-Graphics ( almost everything it’s just temporal)
-Dialogue system
-Real Level design
-some little bugs

On Start Screen click on continue so you can have access to the smartphone menu right away, if you press new you have to deal with the bad collisions and go to buy the smatphone at the “mini mall”



arrows: move
space: interact
enter: open menu if you have the phone
“s”: save


right, left up arror- move
doble up arrow - jump
ctrl- shoot
“a”- interact

Link: dropbox.com/sh/y3imzgq32tx6 … vfnea?dl=0

I would like to hear your thoughts on the unlocking bonus level feature so I can improve it, Thanks :slight_smile:

All new Improvements works fine :slight_smile: Only thing what bothers me was “Center camera to the player”, because sometimes when I jump or fall, I hope there is platform under where I land :smiley: Especially when you are in lowest platform, I think it would be better if camera stays still and not be centered to the player :slight_smile: Also I don’t like if I got only limited amount of ammo my standard “weapon”, it’s empty very fast and then I don’t have anything how can I kill enemies. And finally I think you should change text font more readable, now it’s little bit unclear.
That bonus level thing I didn’t get it. In this version should I get to the bonus level? Writing password? I find that ZWAA and “Evo is the pass” but it says ERROR. Or was that empty space room where you died that bonus level after level 2? :smiley:

Thanks for replying ^_^, yeah I might change how the camera behaviors I’ll have to figurite it out how to make it work like a normal platformer jajaja. About the ammo I limited to make the game challenging but you are right you should have a way to kill enemies even if you run out of ammo or there’s no power up to help, I’ll try to give an option to do that and I’ll experiment with other fonts to make it more readable with a “digital” style especially because the game will have a a lot to read on the RPG part.

And no the empty room wasn’t the bonus level, you go there because the game search for “level 3” and it does not exist yet jajaja. Have you play pokémon ruby or saphire? when I was a kid the way you get the 3 regis blew my mind and still does jajaja so I was trying to do something similar but in a way that it makes sense with my game. What the white ball tells you are just hits so you can decipher a secret message which is the pass to unlock the bonus level. and the ZWAA it’s the chiper message, I put that feature for curious players like me that love the feeling of “what if there’s something else hidden here” jajaja but you will be able to complete the game without solving that. I’m also thinking about other ways to find bonus content alternative to cipher messages.

Maybe the problem it’s that the idea is unclear for the player, maybe with more story context and an app for the smartphone menu that helps you to organize the hints it will be more clear and still a challenge.

Thanks for the feedback it helps me a lot, I’ll improve some things before I keep moving on :slight_smile:

Aaaa ok, that bonus thing makes sense now :slight_smile: And about that weapon thing, I recommend that your standard weapon is unlimited and maybe second “weapon” which got limited ammo, maybe 3-5, but it’s stronger than standard weapon :smiley: You can make it more challenging to make enemies more powerful (can take more damage) etc. :slight_smile:

Yeah that makes sense, I’ll try that :slight_smile: thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

You can download the last test build of the game here ^_^:


Some new improvements:

  • You can access now to the secret level by figuring out and entering the password
  • I have been playing around with gravity in the 3rd level, but just some testings
  • Loadings screens.
  • some new graphics.

Hmm I still don’t get the password, or there are more hints or something that tells me to solve the password in the stage 3… :smiley: Or I have misspelled the password… Can you send me the password private message so I can see did I get it right? :slight_smile: You can send it here too, as you like :smiley:

I Sent you the pass via Pm :slight_smile:


I just finished a new version of my game, take a look:


If you want to give it a try, you can dowload it here: gamejolt.com/games/evo/117877

Don’t forget to follow it on Game Jolt if you like it :slight_smile:

Until next time!

Phew long time no posting an update here, but after adventuring in apps with GD I’m ready to upload this game more frecuently.

If you want to know what’s new in my main game project EVO check it here at Game Jolt, I have a new test build: gamejolt.com/games/evo/117877#close

Also I want to thank the people that openly and in a passive way have supported my game in gamejolt, I’m pretty surprised to have this number of views, It’s true that when you related the views by the plays it gives a poor number but for a game that is way too far from it final build or even a demo because is so unpolish I feel so proud to have those stats and according to google analytics a lot of traffic comes from the forum so thanks!:slight_smile:

I want to share with you in what I have been working for this weekend update.

I have been working in make the game more visualy appealing. Here is what I have for now

A shopping mall, This place is very important for the story, this is a beta look of the outside

Here’s the inside:

Every shop has a purpose, but in overall is to give a customization option to the player that have an impact in gameplay, for now I will just talk about the clothes.

Every outfit will give the player a different special power while playing, here are the outfits that I have already made but I have a lot more planed.

For exemple, if you are wearing the standard outfit you have for special the ability for 8 seconds to destroy your enemies that are close to you, your standard weapon will be blue neon bullets and will look like this:

If you choose to wear pajamas when playing you will have the ability to put asleep your enemies for 8 seconds, your weapon will be… egg bullets and your look will change looking like this:

More to come in the future, if you like my work or want to try the test build visit my Game Jolt page and show it some love :slight_smile: : gamejolt.com/games/evo/117877