[Example] An Advanced Platformer Example - Not-A-Vania Redux

Hello all,

The very first thing I made with GDevelop thanks to the help of the community was Not-A-Vania. Over the last year-ish I’ve learned a lot more about GDevelop, and advanced game making concepts in general.

In hopes of giving something back to the community, I’ve redone my original Not-A-Vania game as a full advanced platformer example. You can give it a try here: Not-A-Vania Redux by Silver-Streak

While the example itself is short (maybe a minute or two once you’re really good at it), the main goal is the project itself. I’ve done my best to order all of the events in a logical way, and comment them.

It contains a lot of advanced concepts, and should not be anyone’s first example they look at. However, it contains the following concepts and full comments around using them:

  • Keyboard/Gamepad menu navigation
  • A more advanced Finite State Machine
  • Some basic enemy AIs
  • A boss with multiple phases
  • Small cutscenes
  • Fade in/out
  • Credits/Win screens
  • Using a tilemap, including applying collisions
  • Using Bitmap Fonts

I’ve also submitted it on github in hopes of it being added to the engine, but overall I hope people find it helpful. Let me know if you find anything super broken.