Example: "Press Fight"

I made a little example about the game mode where you have to press a key quite fast many times (I’ve suffered it in Dead Space, and have seen it in a game about Jurassic Park, and NFS: The Run):
Download .zip

Model made in Blender, autocut images in the GIMP (the blue point helps me to locate the Sprite origin point in GD)

That’s cool, I wonder if it’s possible implement this forcing the player to repeat the action, because in your example it’s possible to just hold the “E” button to achieve the task.

Strange… I can’t, and I’m sure I used the “Trigger once” condition properly :confused:

Yup, can’t confirm either. Which version of GD do you use and did you mess with events?

You’re right, the ‘trigger once’ action do the magic. I check the project once again today and I noticed a lot more of things in the event window that I don’t see yesterday like the green comments and many other actions, and the example works fine right now. I guess if it was a project load malfunctioning, I open it yesterday after been working in a project for more than a day, just putting to sleep my laptop on the spare time. In my experience, sometimes GD is getting some wacky after a while. I’m using the latest version of GD.