Excited for the Firebase extension

This is really a helpful extension for me. What are your thoughts bout it?

source : Trello

As it’s Developer I think it will be a bit difficult to use and I am scared of the flood of questions about it lol. I already said multiple times the possibilities it adds, and I am also exited for when it gets merged to see what people do with it (there are many possibilities). The code is pretty much finished now it is time to bug hunt and remove typos before releasing it.


I am also excited.
Multiplayer functions can make an game much, much more interesting.
I do not know what exactly will be possible and maybe it will be too difficult to use for everyone to get desired results. But we’ll see when it’s done.
Definitely an nice and important step for GD.

You might be confusing this with another extension. Firebase is predominantly an online DB and analytics tool, not multiplayer.

In a couple of other threats I saw a context of firebase with multiplayer, from arthuro. e.g. “Store data in an online real-time database allowing to make online saves, chats, marketplaces, multiplayer, and much more”
“I am almost done with the Firebase extension. Which will add stuff like realtime database where you can sync in real time player data to achieve multiplayer.”
But yes I think the expectations should not be too high for the start, it will not be a complete multiplayer engine now, I think.

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Through relatime database you can make multiplayer.

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Makes sense. People can push/pull data and use that to generate their own multiplayer. I just would be hesitant for anyone to think this lets them just drag and drop multiplayer events, unless I’m misunderstanding.

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