Export APK error code 403

“Error while lauching the build of the game. Request failed with status code 403”
so it doesn’t build an APK file, but still counts it as a build and takes away from daily threshold of 2 builds. How the hell is that fair and how do I fix it?
it builds fine with facebook instant game or PC build.

Just waited an hour tried again and worked. It’s annoying tho considering some people have only 2 tries/day. But indie subscription (10 apk exports each day) is just 2 euros/month which is REALLY cheap so it’s fine.

In order to fail, your project need to be uploaded to the server and the build need to be started. I can see how it may seems unfair if you do not get your APK due to an error during the build but from the other side it would be also unfair and dangerous to let you attempt a build unlimited times and generate tons of traffic on the build server if you did not get the APK, and expect 4ian to pay for all the traffic you generate even if you are not a subscriber just to give 2 APK a day for free.

Considering that GDevelop and the build service is a 1 man project. I think even 2 builds/day for free is pretty generous. Even that 2 free build even if it fails is still cost money that 4ian take on himself just to help us.

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I am grateful that Gdevelop exists in general, it has helped me a ton! But when unpredictable things happen somebody suffers for it and I was just saying that it’s not fair and frustrating that you basically lose 1 export for nothing, even when there is nothing wrong with your code so the mistake was not caused by you. It would be unfair to 4ian too, I agree with that.
On the other note, as I said, 2 euros/month is basically nothing and I was honestly surprised when I checked the price, I’d subscribe to Gdevelop a long time ago if I’d seen the pricing.

Actually you can compile your project any times you want, only export them in html5 and create an account in MONACA and build there