Export to stand alon OFFLINE?

Hi guys,

days ago i use the Export project to a stand alone game, with no problem, and upload to a Google Store, 2 days after, make a new version, no problem again, but now, the Export never work again since yesterday.

I change nothing in the events, only sizes e position of game pad and a new image in the Menu.

any ideas??

Check if you haven’t changed the package name in the project settings, the format must be “com.mypackagename” or “com.mycompany.mypackagename”.

Make sure you have no broken images in the resources manager.

There was a problem in previous versions that make the build fail if you didn’t set the application icons, it should be solved but just in case…

If the build still fails, try to build one of the GD examples, if the example build fail there’s a problem in the servers and we have to wait a bit or report on GitHub, if building an example works then there’s another problem in your project and we have to track it down :confused:

No broken images
I Have all icons
Never change de package name (but try other names now for test)
The examples works when i try to build
And now, i my project i have this Should finish soon
message after try to build
and i use my 2 free builds with the exemples…

Thanks for the help.

Seems like a problem in the online build service :frowning:

well, i guess i will not update my game :frowning:

Thanks for the help