Exported APK shows error

Something always goes wrong for me.

What is this??? Thanks in advance…

I lost like 5 exports today just trying to see if it’s gone… :unamused:

EDIT: I just noticed there is no “com.developer.app” folder on my phone after it gets installed? I tried a bunch of stuff and I can’t fix this. I’m scared to keep working on my project right now when it feels I can’t fix these kind of build errors

Kinda really need help as fast as possible, please.

Removing the (functioning) shopify code from my game fixed the error… great but not great

Hello, Before building your project to apk. consider using the network preview, if the preview is going as expected then proceed to exporting the project into apk. Also, before compiling your game, make sure you complied the requirements at the Project Properties and the Resource of your game (which is found in Game settings > Resources) does not have any lost images, sound, and etc.

When exporting the project to apk, you can either manually export or use the one-click export.
(I assume that you used the one-click export) If this error still pops up, try compiling your project manually to apk. If it still doesn’t make any difference, probably the error lies on your project resources and not the build.

Helpful stuffs:

The video below is about exporting your project manually to android:

(The video was made by: DeeCoder, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrm1iQKBysqqOz9v6mXXFPw)

You can also use the Gdevelop Problem Solver for troubleshooting guides:

(Made by Gruk, Profile - Gruk - GDevelop Forum)

I’ve also found similar problem to your project:

Hope this helps :smiley:

Hello, tyvm, I’ll try readding shopify and try to fix it with your links. Still don’t understand why just adding shopify to my game causes all this pain and removing makes everything normal again. Also I already found the two last cordova problems, they aren’t the same problem unfortunately.