Exported game falsely identified as a virus

When I downloaded my game few months ago Windows defender flagged it as Program:Win32/Wacapew.C!ml, and I didn’t put malicious code in there because I have zero coding experience. An I have no clue how to fix this.

Your game dosent have a virus, whats happening to you is pretty normal.

Because Windows or your Anti Virus dont recognize your game, since it was just made and no one but you tried installing it, it flags the installer as suspecious.

To get around this, you have to wait untill a few people install your game for windows to start seeing it as trustworthy.

Its a pain i know… Windows sucks…

I don’t use Windows but you should be able to suppress the alert and run it anyway. Here is some more information about working with that particular error: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/defender-endpoint/defender-endpoint-false-positives-negatives#submit-a-file-to-microsoft-for-analysis

I run my games on my Mac and on my personal devices, and I have to put them all in developer mode, enter my password, click a bunch of dialogues that are various forms of “Are you SURE???” But they work eventually.

Windows is way simpler… just hit “Show more” and then “Run anyways” and your done, next time you boot up the game this wont happen any more.