Exporting/Build problem

Hello fellow game creators. A while back I tried the stand alone PC windows build and ran into a wall…a fellow game creator here suggested something I never thought of…try using a new e-mail account…that fixed the problem instantly, its been a few months and my game is near completion. Here’s the issue…no matter what email I use it eventually says “something wrong happened” sometimes it says “should finish soon” but eventually the first statement is received. following that it gives the option to check the “build log” and every time I receive the same strange note>>> “Error: invalid signature: 0x8cae43ea” I am somewhat familiar with trying to work past these things, but I have no idea at all what any of that means>>> yes…I have all the icons set, I even tried messing around with the title of the game and some of the settings in properties, also I changed some of my music files from mp3 to Wav format because it seems GDevelop kinda does strange things with sound and music files. does anyone know what it even means by “signature?” is it simply a title such as game or game package??? Its very strange and I cant move forward until I figure this out…again Im not a code person so this is new to me, any advice would help…thanks guys:)

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Can you:

  • Launch a build
  • Give me by PM the email of your account and the exact date and time of the build you’ve just launched.

I’ll take a look!