Exporting exports useless files

Today, I tried updating my itch.io game page. After hours of uploading, I got a message “Too many files in zip (2094 > 500)”. :open_mouth:
As it turns out, Gdevelop exports all the files that are in the project folder, useful or not.
I don’t think it did that a while back.
My project folder being an awful mess, is it possible to disable that behavior or to move only the necessary files, or…? Well, any solution that doesn’t involve me checking one by one which files are necessary and which files are not.

Well, I’m not sure why, but there were tons of images in the Resources tab, including images that are not even in the project folder…I don’t know how they got there.
I cleaned it and everything’s back to normal, I think. :man_shrugging:

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Export is only including:

  • the engine files (~25 files)
  • the extension files (0 to maybe 25 files if using a lot of extensions).
  • the rest is a copy of each of your resource

So yeah make sure not to have unnecessary resources. In general, make sure to clean also your project folder because if you use the menu item to “Scan for Images” in the Resources Editor, everything will be included.
The menu item to “Remove Unused Images” should be helpful though to clean things :wink:

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Good to know, thanks! Yeah, “remove unused” fixed it, although my project folder is still a mess :sweat_smile:

Ah? So that’s probably the cause of my issue. I assumed “scan for images” was a feature that would allow me to scan directories to fix broken links. Maybe something more explanatory would be in order, like “Import all images located in the project folder”?
I don’t quite get the point of adding resources that are not used in the project… is it for easy access through the dropdowns? That would mean all the resources would be ready before any programming is done though.

On a side note, a scan feature would be awesome for my current situation. I could move my json to an empty folder, open it, and ask GD to scan my messy folder and import in the new folder only the resources necessary for the project.
Note to self: need to find disorganized friends to upvote that on Trello :grin: