[Extension][2.0.61] Widgets Extension (GUI)


The Widgets Extension provides widgets (graphical interface elements).
For the moment, it only provides a text box object.

The text box object has several features :

  • Fully customizable colors
  • Ability to select the text inside the text box
  • Placeholder and hiding character

Known bugs :

  • After the game compilation, you need to manually copy WidgetsCore.dll (Windows) or WidgetsCore.so (Linux) of the folder CppPlatform/Extensions/Runtime into the compiled game folder.
  • On Linux : Text can’t be entered in the text box object during a preview
  • On Windows : Text can’t be entered in the text box object during a normal preview, but the bug disappears if you launch the preview in another window.

More information on the official website : gdextensions.levasseursoftware.n … ts&lang=en

Compatible : Game Develop 3.1.61
Download the 2.0.61 version : gdextensions.levasseursoftware.n … nt&lang=en
Source code of the extension (zlib licence) : GitHub - victorlevasseur/GD-Widgets-Extension: Extension providing Widgets (GUI) inside Game Develop's games.

The extension is now available for Linux.

The version 2.0.61 is available (exactly the same as 2.0.61RC).

Any plan on expanding and updating this?


Please do not bump a decade old thread.

GDevelop 5 only came out around 2018 and was a complete rebuild of the engine. This would be for a much older version and not be compatible.

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