Extension .addParameter (5.1.149)

For some reason, I can’t get the name of the object in the handler function when declaring such an action:

      .addParameter("object", _("Object"), "", false)

…according to:

  • Standard supported parameters type, and how they are used in code:
    • object : Object name → string

the string name of the object must be passed to the function, but why am I getting undefined :thinking:

Hi I’m talking from memory here, but I think Object is reserved naming try to call it different like “myObject”, _(“My Object”)

Yes, thank you, that’s how it works. Perhaps this is really just a general designation of the parameter. But how then to get the opportunity to select any object in the application in the drop-down list, and not just objects of the same type :thinking:

Hi you should probably ask in Discord → #javascript so they can help you better.