[Extension] Arrays

Hello you search arrays in GD5?
You can test this extension, it’s experimental, if you wish code it with me you are welcome!


This extension use the variables structures, that mean you can see the values in the debugger!
For now arrays are only on Objects.

You can:

  • Add value at the end of the array (Push)
  • Remove the first value in array (Shift)
  • Remove the last value at the end of the array (Pop)
  • Get length of the array
  • Reverse the array (Reverse)

I will add:

  • Add value at start of the array
  • Other suggestions ?


array_extension_0.0.1b.json - Download


I only did a quick poke through this, but it looks really great.

Biggest suggestions:

  • Global Arrays
  • Scene Arrays
  • “For Each Entry in Array” style of event.
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+1 to @Silver-Streak suggestions.

My suggestion :

  1. action to sort array (ASC/DESC)
  2. Expressions to :
  • return the index of the higher value
  • return the index of the lower value
  • return the average
  • return the weighted average
  • dump the (whole) array as text (usefull for debugging/testing)

Here is my santa list :slight_smile:

Indeed great idea with this extension, i’ll test it in the evenning :slight_smile:


This work like this ?

Yes i will add this one too!

I try to make functions before, and after i can extend the extension with global and scene variables.

No idea how to implement this one if someone want give a try…

Ready for next version

I’m not sure @Bouh, here is a french explanation : Leçon Statistiques - moyenne simple et moyenne pondérée - moyenne simple et moyenne pondérée

It’s a bit specific and i am not sure yet of how i would use it in game devlopment, but it’s really useful in statistics.

Thats same operation.
See the code in action with values from your article:

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That isn’t possible as event functions haven’t access to the IDE and cannot declare events. Events can’t be declared through extensions for the time being anyways.

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