[Extension] Choose Random Number/String given a list

Ever since I have come from Construct 2 to GD I have needed this Choose () functionality
As a result, I have dedicated some time to make this extension, if any moderator can try it, and tell me if it is worth uploading it to GitHub for GD Extension.

What it does is it takes a comma separated list and internally converts it to a structure then iterates inside and randomly selects a value and returns it either as a number or as a string

Here the project: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ydRdbEsFX-MVKaWv6lpq7GAeWEkBQiCr/
GDevelop Choose Extension - Given a string of values return a random one - YouTube

Sure, feel free to submit. Note that the array tools has something similar (an expression to get a random element from an array and an action to split a string by a separator), if you want to look i to using it to build your extension.

Hi there is some documentation anywhere for the Arrays or how to use Arrays I didn’t find anything?

For tracking this extension on Github

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It’s awesome you made such a function! I have been using it quite a lot! Thank you!

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