Extension Engine Bug! (Probably)

So this Happen:

so far my game is work pretty well. but somehow this notice appear during my preview time on Gdevelop PC, Cloud Project.
The Thing is, i dont use any JavaScript Code in my Project, so probably the engine bug?

Yes, but a reboot fixes it.

What were you doing when it happened?

That looks like the same error i was getting when i was messing around with inventories made with FlexContainer and FlexItems.

Ususal happened when i moved something too quick and didnt give it time to create a diferent thing, i had to slow down a lot of the items being created to avoid this stuff,

thats why im curious about what you were doing.

ALSO… the JevaScript might be from a behaviour or extension, it dosent mean its the one you wrote.

Like the example i gave, the FlexContainer and Items were made with Java, so when they break that pops up.

i’m not sure. before this, its already happen before. i just ignore it because i thought its not a big deal and my game work normaly. but the next day its happen again, so incase its an error/bug from the engine itself, i decide to report it.

i dont really remember, i was really focused on making a feature and suddenly the message appear when im preview my game , but it doesn’t cause any error to my project so i just ignore it. i’m sure this happen after the latest Gdevelop Update. Not sure To be honest.

You didnt say if you had the “FlexContainer” extension on your project.

Are you using FlexContainer / FlexItem?

Couse i had the same issue when i was using them, also, since FlexContainer or “FlexBox” i forget what the actual name is, got changed to the community tab of extensions, it might have broke something you were using.

Check wich extensions or behaviours your using and if thats one of them.

Just having it somewhere on the project even if its just an object in the corner doing nothing might cause issues like this.

No, i dont use FlexContainer / FlexItem Extension.

Apparently the Error doesn’t occur anymore, For Now. but incase it appear again i’ll check on the extension first.

for reminder i don’t see any abnormality to my Game when the Error Message appear and i don’t add new extension before the Message Appear.