[Extension] New AdvancedPlatformCamera Behavior

Hi to all guys, I’m creating a new behavior with platformer camera. The goal is to add a dynamic zoom management and movement to the scene camera.

You can see an example here:

The idea is to add a more fancy zoom effect on camera, to give a new appeal to your platformer games.

For example, if you move the camera will change the zoom, if you enter some areas the camera will change the zoom and maybe, in the next steps, the camera will follow a target interpolating its position, to give a more cool effect to the game.

Currently, I’ve implemented the following:

  1. Camera ZoomIn/ZoomOut events
  2. Camera KeepZoom event
  3. Camera UnkeepZoom event
  4. Camera position following with lerp

In the next steps I’ll implement the following:

  1. Camera shake
  2. Camera LookAt

Available actions


The camera will zoom in or out according to behavior properties.


The camera will zoom to a defined zoom statically.


The camera will zoom to the default behavior zoom.


If you like the idea, and have any suggestions about that, please let me know in the comments!

UPDATE 2019/09/10

Behavior improvements and new PositionTo action


NEW PositionTo function
Make the camera follow the player with interpolation


Wow !
It will be very useful.

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Look forward to when its finished. Looks very useful. Thank you for taking the time to contribute.

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Hi guys, you can follow the updates here: https://github.com/4ian/GDevelop-extensions/issues/19