Extensions keep giving errors after updating GDevelop

It appeared in the last version of Gdevelop. The funniest thing is when i faced it for the first time i’ve just installed the old version of Gdevelop and switched off auto-update. But then i launched Gdevelop in two windows and it automatically installed the latest version. :melting_face:

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Was this working before the update?

Did you change anything since the update?

Are you using an health extension?

Do you have objects that have MaxHealth variable? If so, make sure you aren’t deleting the objects first and then trying to access the variable.

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I use health behaviour obviously as well as maxhealth function. I changed nothing. There’s no error on .176 version. Also as i said above Gdevelop updates automatically even if i restricted it in settings.

What do you mean by “maxhealth function” ? It doesn’t clarify if it is a variable or a event.

Anything that can be done with “object_name.Health::MaxHealth()” : variables, dealing dmg based on max health, healing based on max hp and so on.

Try this: go to extension list, search the health extension, re-install it, check every event you have related to max health and just re-add them.

Another person from chat faced this error as well.

Seems like updating engine that relies on extensions too much is a bad idea. I faced many times some issues when extensions or behaviors stopped working after any update.

I moved this topic to “Gdevelop general, Bugs reports” as this is the place where it belongs, also changed the title to actually describe the issue.

Just to add clarity, the second error in this thread is completely unrelated to the first, they’re different error messages even.

That error seems like someone has applied an “Is jumping” platformer behavior condition or action on an object group which contains at least one object without that behavior.

The error in the original post could be similar (using a Health behavior condition or action on an object without the behavior attached), but it also could be a myriad other things, so I cannot comment on that.

The changes after .176 just make these crash errors more apparent, rather than any large breaking changes on extensions.

Actually game is not crashed. It’s just a message on the bottom of the screen. The game can be played further but with this error below

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