Extention help. 3D colision detection

So for the past few updates, there has been no detection for if a 3D object is on top of another 3D object. It only reads the X and Y axis. I’m looking to change this with an extension. The problem, though, is I have no idea what logic or math to use. If someone could give me some snippets, that would be awesome.
video of what I’m talking about

Maybe with a variable or something as like “player height” and If an obstacle matches the variable. It will not let you pass. As I haven’t tried this. This is only a “maybe”

I gave you the calculation a few days ago. What’s wrong with using that?

It didn’t work for some reason, and instead of populating the thread with other stuff unrelated, I made an new one because I decided to take matters into my own hands ig

Yeah, a mistake on my part (which I’ve edited in the linked thread). It should be z() (as in the z position), not the z-order. Sorry about that :expressionless:

This code for 2 draggable 3D boxes, with one losing the front face if a collision occurs:

Produces this:

3D collision

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Thanks a lot, I’ll get to working on it

When/if you get the extension done. I would like to see it.

Here’s how the extension should look. It’ll has the same look and feel as the 2D collision detection:


Parameters and events:

I already made it but I was told that it would need to be implemented as a core fetatire because it isn’t able to select objects like vertex instances of somthing

Just gonna let ya know. After some trial and error. I figured out how to make the object stop right on the floor of a cube

Huh What do you mean?

Basically. If you were over a 3d cube. Went down. You would be moved out of it. I designed it to just stop the object. Technically, you would normally have controls to fall. But I made a separate event to detect if the object is equal to zdepth and is in collision. If true. The player will have the z go up at the same speed it’s going down. Though it’s glitchy for if your trying to make another event for going up into the object, But I wasn’t able to mess with that for very long EDIT: seems like it gets glitchy at z levels at a certain point. And I’m not sure why but I got an idea I might test later