External Events and organizational tips

So, I thought I was doing well organizing everything. I generally use event groups only and leave out the comments. I find that most things people put in the comments could have been used in the event groups and an additional line or detailed text just takes up so much space.

Then I noticed one of the tutorial games used external events and now I think I have discovered ways to keep things so much more organized and clean to my eye.

How do you guys keep your stuff not so overwhelming?

For me, I have been doing event groups with clear titles and just keeping them minimized when not in use, now I am going to start incorporating external events and hope that this will make troubleshooting things even easier.

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Comments are one thing yes, then the groups help a lot the newcomers.
But many stop there, because they don’t think about the organization of their project. But there are great tools to help.

External events are a way of externalizing logic and making it easy to share between different scenes.

There’s another stage, for the more organized, which is the creation of functions. These are stored in extensions, and anyone can create their own condition functions, action functions, and even expression functions.

There’s also a way in extensions to create your own objects, and your own behavior.

Organization require to think about the structure of a project, whether you are make spaghetti events in an event sheet, or externalizing events directly into behaviors and objects with the help of an extension specific to the project you’re working on.

I hope I’ve helped you find out a little more about how to get a cleaner project.


Hey Bouh!

I am just now reading up on the functions and will be watching that tutorial video later today. From the brief skimming I just did, I am assuming utilizing even just a portion of what functions can do will really help me take things much further in my future projects.

I really appreciate you taking the time to provide such a detailed and clear answer.

I am hoping to eventually have my skill set to where I can create extensions to help other users.