External events doesn't get imported in folder project.

It is maybe not a bug, maybe I’m missing something but nobody commented on this when I have mention it in an other topic.

When I save a project as a “folder project” it is saves all the external events in to separated files and I would expect, if I copy the files in to an other “folder project” it should be loaded automatically, but it is not the case. When I copy the files the events just doesn’t get imported when I open the project. Since I can’t find any manual import option I guess copy should work just fine…
An actual menu option to import external events from file would be more practical actually, maybe when I right click the external event tab along with “add external events…” there should be an option to import one from file.


I’m for adding a “Import from file” option accessible by right-clicking on “Scene”, “External events” and “External layouts”.

I found a workaround for this. If you want to copy an event sheet from an older project, do the following:

  1. Open the external event file from the old project in a text editor. Select all the code from the external event file and press copy.
  2. Open your new project and create an external even. Quit GDevelop and find your folder with the new external event. Open the external event in a text editor and delete the few lines of code within the file.
  3. Paste the code from your old external event to replace the code you just deleted.
  4. Open GDevelop with your new project and your external event should have all the events from the old project in the new external event.