Facebook Instant Games and Global Variables

Is there anyway to store the changes in Global Variables for Facebook Instant games?
I see there is a great example on creating a Leaderboard but I can’t work out how to just create persistence simply.

The extension save the data in local variables, no?, then you’ll have to copy the scene variables into the global ones, you can even copy entire structure variables using the expression to convert a structure into a JSON string, and the network action to parser a JSON string into a structure.

If it wasn’t your problem, please re-explain it :slight_smile:

Does that retain the variables between closing and opening the game/app?

If you want to save values locally use the storage actions, again you can save variables or even entire structures with the same method, but local saves is not very related to Facebook Instant Games :slight_smile:

Thanks. Why is local saves not related to Facebook Instant Games?

Don’t get me wrong, you can use the storage action in a Facebook game, no problem :slight_smile:
The thing is that Facebook Instant Games extension is used to pass and get data from Facebook servers/cloud storage, while local data is used to save information in the user browser. You can read data locally and send it to Facebook, or load Facebook data and store it in the browser, but they are not directly related.

Awesome, thanks. Trying to get my head around it.