Farming Game (still in development)

I really likes Harvest Moon game and always wanted to make something similar.

Now about the game:
Vanguard 4 is part of Vanguard Program which aim to colonize Mars.
Bunch of robots are building infrastructures and gathering resources to support human life on Mars and waiting for Vanguard 5 which first batch of human will arrives on Mars.

Control 1 of the robot and accomplish Vanguard 4 missions, now it’s time to build, farm, and mine.

Will add more area/region later, currently only have Main Base area that have several buildings. Farming can be done inside the green house, later in the other area/region there will be a giant dome where human live + farming area + little forest etc.
Other area that will be added later: mining + industry, launch pad + landing zone, etc.

Still working on the farming mechanics, no mining mechanics and other yet.

Some screenshot:



Looks tempting, especially the concept with robots and a bleak future :slight_smile: Just please don’t kill your ideas and vision in pursuit of copying the successful Moon Harvest

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Omg I love it already!

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Restarting the game from scratch and now using camera zoom instead of resized sprite, finally reached the previous progress.
Added mining mechanics and is mostly done (there is still some minor bugs).

Sorry for the video quality(the game + OBS studio is too heavy), my potato laptop already did its best:

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Now you can try it on Itch

Arrow keys : move
LShift : run
Num key : select tool
Z : select, pickup object, enter building
X : use tool, deselect
E : show Inventory
PgUp : fast forward time
PgDn : normal time

Orange Building: its your house and the bluish box inside is a toolbox, browse for tools that you need.
Greenhouse: located beside the orange building, plant crops in here.
Other buildings: still empty inside.

Still in very early development and not many features yet, there is still some bugs, only few building that is functioning (currently only the orange house and the greenhouse), only 3 area that is available (main base, central area and mining area).
Already finished the game mechanic for farming and mining (will be improved further later).
You can sell/store crops and ores by dropping it to the reddish box in the greenhouse.
Currently to take out items: move the item in the inventory slot to top and left most slot, will add shortcut so the player can easily takeout items from the inventory without opening the inventory window.
The turquoise colored bar are energy bar and when the player used tools it will consume energy, for now you don’t need to worry if the energy bar reach 0.
There is no day and night cycle yet, the crops will grow after player water it and its the clock is 3AM, I will change it later so the crops will grow when the player/robot goes to bed and sleep, to make the clock/time move faster use PgUp(page up) button and to make it return to normal use PgDn(page down) button.
There is still no storage system and your progress won’t be saved, if you plant crops in the greenhouse then leave and re-enter the greenhouse again it will be reset.
No sfx and music yet.

Feel free to try and give feedback.
Its available on my itch: Vanguard Program by Pqrs (
use the password: mars

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You’re off to a solid start it’s looking great and super cute to play. For some reason I could not figure out the crops even with page up, but I had some fun with mining and checking out the variety of tools and seeds. I love the shift key for running haha. Love that the seed tool scatters several seeds at once. Good job so far!

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You meant you can’t tell which crops is which?
But you can harvest it right?

Yeah when the robot scatter the seeds it will cover 9 patches.

No I couldn’t get it to grow even speeding up the clock, it seemed it might have flashed to a large state and back to seed before I could hit page down but I wasn’t sure. But as for the seed labels I thought you labeled and described everything well. Everything else I could do, the mining, the swapping tools and seeds from my inventory, and the selling of my ores and h20 in the red bin. Oh and had some ridiculous fun cutting grass.

How do you grow the crops?
You need to:

  1. Till the soil
  2. Scatter the seeds
  3. Water it (and you need to water it daily for the crops to grow)

The steps is 1, 2, 3 or 1, 3, 2.

All I did so far was till, seed, water then speed up the time but maybe I needed to water it again.

looks nice and modern

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