[Feature Recommendation] Continuous 3D Game

Firstly, I would like to thank the developer of the BabylonGD Module for making such an amazing module for 3D Game Creation but I have some concerns in reference to some bugs and some features that need to be added in order to make 3D Gaming with GDevelop a better experience.

One of the bugs encountered on the BabylonGD are that the lights all work the same, the spotlight and all other lights function like the hemispheric light, so I hope the developer gets to fix this issue.

Lastly, for feature recommendation, I would like the BabylonGD Engine to have more of a continuous motion for the 3D Game where we can build bigger games like shooter games that are continuous and a platform on which we could build a whole game into one scene.

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Yea, sure. Could someone move the topic there because I’m quite aware Mods have the capability to do that.

Not sure what you’re referring to here, but as a heads up there isn’t an extension in the official repository called “BabylonGD”

These forums here are generally only for the main GDevelop engine, and this subforum is generally for the extensions within the main approved extension list, or community extension list within the engine.

From a google search, this appears to be an extension hosted on Itch.io by Usta Games. You would likely need to provide your feedback there in order for it to be seen by anyone that would take action on that extension.

Okay. Thanks. Sounds good.