[Feature under Review] In-Built Tilemap Editor

I have a opinion to add a in-built tileset editor in the app. Some features that would help others a lot is - we can select a bunch of tiles from the tileset editor and we can edit their points like a sprite, and can save them. Again when we would need the properties we can press left shift or right shift to gain those properties again. When we save them another custom tab can be created and the saved tiles would show up there. And we can also edit the custom tiles like a sprite. There should be 3 tabs in the section where the objects a categorized- One for the tileset, one for sprites, text etc. and another for the custom tiles that we have saved(as told before). If you like my opinion, please add this feature as an update🙏 . Rate the opinion. I gave this opinion cuz I couldn’t make the player go behind object through the LDtk maps


:sunflower: Hello y’all!
I am curious: what are the two main things that an in-built tilemap editor should achieve? :eyes:

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1- let you use actions/conditions/expresions/ to dynamically place the correct tiles (this would help in situations where you want to create sandbox environments).
2- let you set and deactivate/activate behaviors/behaviorProperties of individual tiles to easily create interactive environments.

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