Feedback on Game Optimization

Howdy! Good morning/afternoon/evening, thanks for clicking on this post!
Well, for introductions, I am making a “Platform-Fighter” game, and well, development is having some troubles but… Nothing that can’t be repaired, I guess!

Here’s some footage if you’re interested: (Footage and art may not represent the final release)

Anyway, I would like to have some feedback upon my game’s optimization (because I’m worried about it, after all)
Well, if you know this genre, you know there’s more than 1 character, and well, I’m not sure on what’s the best way to make more than 1 character while optimizing the code.

For example, my player object contains it’s own collision with animations and a lot of behaviors:

  • Platformer Character
  • Smooth Camera
  • Smooth Platformer Camera
  • Platformer Character Animator
  • Flash
  • Fire bullet, and more…

And well, in the way my game is set up, if I wanted to include more characters on this same sprite, I would have to include more animations on this same sprite, of each character and it’s animations. This means that I would have to make another event that would set the animation to: ToString(Player.Variable(character)) + ToString(Player.Variable(State)) and remove the “Platformer Character Animator” behavior

But, I thought of an alternative! Would it be better to make a separate object just for the collision and a separate one for each character’s sprite? But, this would result in a LOT of new objects, wouldn’t it?

So I’m really confused in which choice would be the best to make the game be as optimized as possible… Does anyone have any feedback?

Oh, and if you want to give feedback on other stuff too, feel free to do so, I would appreciate it! Thanks for reading

Hey, I’ve been trying to make the same thing could you possibly tell me what you did please??

Also you have to make or “simulate” the move from scratch I guess

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Hello there, welcome to the community btw!
Oh and, I didn’t find an exact solution to this problem, but I think the best alternative would be having a lot of objects, one for each player sprite with the same behaviors, and a separate object as a player hitbox :3
Since not all the player’s sprite objects would be in the scene at the same time, it sounds like a better option if you consider the other one (which is having a single object with LOTS of animations)

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Hello again and thanks for the welcome

So I’ve been experimenting and that would work but I think it’s better to stick to two - three objects per character. That’s the actual character, one for the character and one for the attack.

I’m still experimenting and very new so I would advise not to try my advice but you do you

By the way this just might be a dev log or something later in the future so whatever progress you make put it on here for you and others to see and suggest stuff

Okay byeeee!!

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Well, thanks for the tip! I appreciate it :3
However, if I were to make a devlog, I think it would be more appropriate to post on a different forum section. But anyway, I hope you have progress on the game you’re making!

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