Few question about gamedevelop

Hi, I have a few questions about gamedevelop would like to ask,

  1. Is gamedevelop hardware acceleration capable?

  2. While previewing, the compile time sometimes is fast, sometimes it’s slow even there’s only few lines of events, it even hang once at the compile screen. So for current build, is this normal?

  3. Fps is unstable, it jump from 62 to 68 randomly. Maybe because of this, game’s running “choppy”. It’s this normal or will get fixed? Also, is vsync work?

Sorry about my broken english.


Game Develop use OpenGL so it always uses hardware acceleration.

Game Develop compiles the events like devs compiles real games, so it can take some time. But, if the compilation fails, you can send the “compilationErrors.txt” file to us.

A FPS can’t be more stable than this, but he doesn’t affect your game (as the forces are frame’s duration independant).

You can activate it in the project properties. You can also disable the FPS limit (with that the FPS can grow to 1000+)