Finally! zzzzz published on Steam!

Hello everyone!
I’m very happy to share that zzzzz, my first game ever made with GDevelop, is officially released on Steam!

If anyone wants to check it out, here’s the link to the store page:

Even though the game mechanics and art are quite simple, everything was made with GDevelop and Piskel. It’s a retro platformer and the main goal of the game is to beat all the 10 levels in sequence (without dying) - it’s quite hard, to be fair. I don’t want to tell everything about the plot of the game, because I think it would spoil it a little bit (sorry!!).

I’d like to really thank both GDevelop and this forum in particular for all the help and tips gave in order to finish this game. This is a truly helpful space, and I hope I can contribute further with new developers!

As I said in my last topic (on How do I… section), I’m currently doing a tutorial about how to publish your GDevelop game on Steam, since this was the most difficult part of all the process. I hope it will help new developers and people in general that want to publish their games on Steam as well.

Again, thank you! and for those who want to play zzzzz: good luck! :blush:


Congratulations ! Can’t wait to test it !

A Steam publishing tutorial would be really helpful (especially some details about the administrative stuffs!).

About the tutorial, I was thinking about covering some of the following steps of the process. I’m going to list some of them, so anyone who sees this post can make a suggestion.
The steps of publishing on Steam consists in (in order):

  1. Paying the fee (which is about $99 USD);
  2. Sending to steam your bank account and tax information (this can be different from country to country, but it’s pretty much the same, and it’s very simple) - on this part, I’m thinking about covering the steam cut and tax cut per sale and stuff - this is actually pretty important to know.
  3. Setting up your steam game page - this part is pretty simple, it’s almost like editing a blog; so I’m not sure if it’s necessary to cover this.
  4. Sending your build to steam (your game, basically) - this is, to me, the hardest part for a number of reasons: although steam has its own tutorial about this process, it’s an old one, and some parts of the process are not the same; i’m using a mac, and the steam tutorial was made in a windows, so it was a little different for me; you have to download the ‘Steamworks SDK’ and work with the steamcmd (like the command prompt from windows) to send your game (so, it’s not a simple ‘upload your game’ on the site).
  5. Setting it live - in this part i’m going to cover some the basics, such as the minimum requirement before setting the page live so people can buy your game

Basically, that’s it. My focus will be the step 4, which covers, besides what I wrote, the process of exporting your game from GDevelop.
If anyone wants to suggest anything besides that, please let me know! I’m probably going to release it on next sunday or monday.


I’m a bit late to the party, but congratulations. That’s a massive deal for you, your game and GDevelop also. I look forward to seeing more GDevelop games on steam, and the GDevelop community growing even more.

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Hey man congrats on the game!
I was wondering if you could share how many people bought your game on steam?
I know its quite private but my curiosty is stronger I guess :wink:

This particular one I believe sold around 400~500 copies so far (roughly 1 year of sales). My most successful one sold almost 1k in its first 6 months, which is Fisherman Classic (still in Early Access, though).

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Very cool. And congrats! I’m going to go check it out.

Wow man that’s very awesome! Do you think there is a way to publish on steam with achievments? Congrats and thank you for your response!

To publish with achievements you need to know how to integrate GDevelop with Steam API. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do this :confused:. There’s not much about it here in the community, and the few posts I found about it I could not get it right…it requires some programming skills that I don’t have. Let’s hope for, in the future, GDevelop comes already integrated with it :smiley:

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Let’s hope! Thank you for your response!

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