Firebase external auth providers

Hi there,
anyone successfully implemented Firebase authentication with Apple/Google (those are the ones i’m mainly interested in) or any other external provider?
The wiki says they are supported but can’t find any info besides basic email authentication, which works fine by the way.
Any help would be hugely appreciated :slight_smile:

They are somewhat semi-supported… They only work on HTML5 builds due to limitations imposed by these providers.

To use them, set them up on the firebase console. You will need to setup things on the google/apple developers website too, and copy your keys and codes into the firebase console.

Then, use the “sign in with provider” action. It should popup/redirect to the provider’s login page, then upon returning to the game, firebase will have the player signed in.

Thank you so much @arthuro555, i totally missed the “sign in with provider” function.
Unfortunately i see Apple/Game Center is currently not supported. Any plans to support it in the future?
Also, do you know if external providers auth works in Cordova builds?

It does not. As I was saying, HTML5 builds only. Since Cordova and electron use webviews, which can be injected with external contents by the host program, it is blocked to prevent stealing tokens/passwords by injecting a nefarious script in the login page.

Thank you so much for the excellent explanation :slight_smile: