FireBullet Issue

Hello forum.
Today’s problem with the “FireBullet” extension
ruined my day.
The problem is that when the goblin attacks and when the “fire cooldown” is not set, the cooldown occurs anyway.
The goblin fires 6 bullets, pauses, and then fires again over and over again.
Normally it should fire every 0.1 seconds.
But when I delete the formula (bullet is in collision with redlock → delete bullet), the globlin fires smoothly every 0.1 second.
I also reset the computer and duplicated the scene, but the problem persists.
I repeated the same procedure in the new project and everything works smoothly there.
Zrzut ekranu 2024-04-02 172208
Zrzut ekranu 2024-04-02 172213

I also tried manually, but I see that the timers are probably broken. Instead of striking every second, it strikes every 2sec

Why don’t you have it constantly firing but give it 6 ammo so it has to reload. This will simulate the pause you want using the reload.

Uncheck the reload automatically in the bullet behavior

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ill try tomorrow. ty

In event where i check if shoot is greater than 5
That is value of your cooldown
Adjust it to your needs

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Ok thanks guys. now it is working

I dont think thats how shooting is supposed to work

How did it get fixed

Try it and find out-------------------------------------------

I think after patch… I had a patch today but I appreciate for help!
Same formula as in the screen, works after the patch. comical :smiley: