Firefox problem

Hi All,
It seems that games exported as HTML5 no longer works in Firefox (72.0.1 on Linux). Anybody else having this problem?


Can you describe the problem more throughly please? What doesn’t work? Is there any screenshot you can add? Is there any console error you could show?

Sorry, yes, I’ve got an all black screen. Games work fine in Chromium.
Games are exported with GDevelop 5.0.0-beta62. - E.g. this one:


Firefox console says:
Error: WebGL warning: linkProgram: Programs with more than 16 samplers are disallowed on Mesa drivers to avoid crashing. pixi.js:8:24383

TypeError: Argument 1 of WebGLRenderingContext.getProgramParameter is not an object.


Pixi.js Error: Could not initialize shader. pixi.js:8:24447

gl.VALIDATE_STATUS false pixi.js:8:24508

gl.getError() 0 pixi.js:8:24587

Pixi.js Warning: gl.getProgramInfoLog() Programs with more than 16 samplers are disallowed on Mesa drivers to avoid crashing. pixi.js:8:24660

Source map error: Error: request failed with status 404 Resource URL: Source Map URL:

It is not a problem related to GDevelop bit to pixi js sadly. GDevelop might need to upgrade to a newer version. Did you use any layer effect?

No, no layer effects used.

I would argue that it is a Pixi.js problem. Something always break in Firefox, this browser always swim against the flood and forces web developers to implement and maintain the same thing twice. I love it for being a privacy focused browser and for being open-source but I stopped supporting it. I’m planning to include a note with browser games to use a Chromium powered browser like Opera, Chrome, Edge, Silk or Chromium itself.
I don’t get it why Firefox don’t switch to Chromium too and make a privacy focused browser based on Chromium.

Because they want to stay independent from the chromium projects. And chrome does waaay more non-standarized things than Firefox, but as most of the user’s use chrome, devs don’t learn normal JavaScript anymore but chrome flavoured one. Firefox doesn’t want to just let one people have the monopole of the browser software, to let someone be able to modify everything without caring about the standards and nobody can do anything as there are no alternatives respecting those standards so you’ll have to just deal with it.

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Yeah, that’s the thing, I choose not to and I’m sure I’m not the only one. The project I’m currently working on is totally broken in Firefox while works perfectly in Chrome. Not only one specific thing but multiple things broken, I don’t even know where to start the debugging to report it and I figured it doesn’t even make sense to try because Firefox always brake something anyway

That’s nice they try to do their own thing but the way I see it, Chromium did win the browser war. Anywhere you look it is powered with Chromium and it make sense for devs to write Chromium specific code because it is guaranteed to work everywhere and now that Edge also joined the Chromium family it is also means businesses, governments, schools, health care and also Xbox as UWP-JS also powered with Chromium now.

As a user I love Firefox but as a dev I feel less motivated each day to deal with it.