First demo of my ideas together

After some lazy days (And a few other days breaking my head thinking about some details) I finally put together a rough demo of my ideas together:

  • Random Rooms generation (Big rooms, Horizontal Rooms, Vertical Rooms). And the first step to populate them.
  • Handling key combinations, so you can use “special moves” in the game, not just one button attack.

Working fine this far (very basic) but looks solid enough (You can even do a down jump on jump though platforms. The thin ones)

Now, to work on the graphics, tilesets and details (Like a code to have ropes/stairs)

Wish me luck.

Después de algunos días de flojera (Y algunos otros de quebrarme la cabeza pensando acerca de detalles) finalmente puse una demo rápida de mis ideas juntas.

  • Generación de Cuartos Aleatorios (Cuartos grandes, horizontales, verticales). Y los primeros pasos para poblarlos.
  • Manejo de combinaciones de teclas, así puedes usar “movimientos especiales” en el juego, no solo ataques de un botón.

Funciona bien hasta el momento (muy básico) pero parece lo suficientemente sólido (incluso puedes saltar hacia abajo de las plataformas atravesables. Las delgadas)

Ahora, a trabajar en los gráficos, los tilesets y los detalles (me gustaría tener código para cuerdas/escaleras)

Deséenme suerte.

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WOW! That’s looks great! I always liked games with lots of different types of attacks! It makes the gameplay better and more strategic! And the movements are working fine from what I tested. :star_struck:

Coincidentally my game is also platform with “random” creations for levels, enemies and items, but on a much less complex level (I’m using external layout to make some “pieces” only for horizontal levels). But your mechanics create levels impressively much more complex!

I loved how we can check the whole map and still playing!!! I want to see these leveis with various enemies soon!

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Thanks a lot. I’ll use external layouts for the room population part. If I did the code right, the rooms have a value for horizontal or vertical so I can choose the layout later. The idea is to limit the moves so you don’t “fly”, but with enough room to make crazy moves (jump, hyper jump, uprising attack, forward charging attack) so you can reach high places. Let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:

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I did an edit of my previous main character (Since I don’t see it fitting in this next game) and I am working in the animations. This far, I have idle, jump, attack 1, attack 2, attack 3.

Need the air attack, and then the special moves.

Hice una edición de mi personaje principal anterior (ya que no creí que funcionara con este juego) y estoy trabajando en las animaciones. Ya tengo Parado, Salto, Ataque 1, Ataque 2, Ataque 3.

Necesito el ataque en el aire, y los ataque especiales.

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