First person dungeon crawler demo

Hello, I created page for one of my older projects. It has some problems which I wasnt able to solve at the time…but it somehow works. Maybe it could be inspiritation for someone who want create something similar…


Hey. Can I get the project file?

Yes, I might will upload project file, but at the moment it is bit chaotic, Im not sure if anyone else will understand it… I could make some simplified version… If you have some questions how it is made, dont hesitate to ask…

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This is strange, the link only leads to the main page of “

sorry, here is the link Gdevelop5 - pseudo 3D dungeon crawler by Ellam Ondre


Yep sure, how you made it :smiley:
Specially the walls with their texture!
It looks like 3D but you fake it with 2d sprite, right?


Yes, It is all 2D. Walls are relatively simple, all premade from one texture, then edited in gimp, using perspective transformation tool for side walls. You need to premade all wall “blocks” and then showing and hiding them, according to players view. I hope to have more time to upload project file soon…

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Here you can download very basic example how are the walls done…


Wow. This is cool. I didn’t know you can do this type of game in Gdevelop. Good job :slight_smile:

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Can you show us how you made the sprites for the enemies and other characters?

Yes, basicaly any character is represented by 2 objects:

  1. one on 2D map - this one has variables that sets position,z order, and size of “3D” sprite
  2. one for the “3D” view -this can have separate animations for each action(walking,fighting) or angle

When 1st map object touch the players “view” points, it creates 2nd object in “3D” view, then changes is parameters (size, positions, z order) according to which players view point it touches…

It has one problem I wasnt able to overcome - you cant see 2 same characters at the same time - for example 2 skeletons at once… I was not able to solve this… maybe someone could help?

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