First playable pre alpha / Primer pre alpha jugable

Doing a scroller / runner this time. It has ups and downs and branched paths.

Little enemies, hurting traps and bottomless pits mixing on your path. And bonuses to grab, growing more valuable if you get them in a row.

Finally, a boss level.

Still lots of things to do like music, more bosses, some more floor types, and then the second half of the game. The running will be a resource grabbing part, the other, a town building / upgrading using said resources.

Haciendo un scroller / runner esta vez. Tiene subidas, bajadas y caminos a elegir.

Pequeños enemigos, trampas y pozos sin fondo mezclándose en tu camino. Y bonus que tomar, aumentando su valor si los tomas seguidos.
Al final, un jefe de nivel.
Aún hay mucho por hacer, como la música, mas jefes, algunos tipos de piso más, y entonces la segunda mitad del juego. El correr será para tomar recursos, la otra parte, un pueblo que construir / mejorar, usando dichos recursos.

  • Spacebar: Jump / Saltar
  • “A” key: Attack / Atacar

Interessiting! I know you are still doing and have a lot of things to make, but I wanna considerer some points. Maybe it helps.

1- I don’t why but sometimes when the character is climbing he stops and restart the movement;
2- To kill the boss I just holded the attack button to stops and make more easy to hit the projectiles;
3- The platform is the same sprite of floor. So, i thought I couldn’t get through it, but I could.

I liked the animations !!! :star_struck: What software you used?

Looks pretty, plays cheerfully! Good luck with your development! =)

P.S. In the link to the game with a password, you can add a password as a parameter (via password), like this:

It will be easier for players to enter =)

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Thanks a lot. Yes, I still need lots of work.

  1. I have tried some ways to prevent it from happening. Change the collition box of both the player and the platform, use three or more little platforms, each one with an angle closer to the one I need, so the curve isn’t so sharp, have a rectangle platform turned in angle. Any way or another, it keeps happening from time to time.
  2. Yes, the first boss is easy, even with the spikes comming from the side. It has the attacks event done in such a way the higher the town level, the faster the attacks will happen, making it harder to stay still. Event so, maybe make the attacks (rocks and spike) not exclusive could make it harder.
  3. I’ll change the floating platforms’ color or design (or both) so it is more clear they are different from the floor.

Not implemented, but in the making too, the trees in the background must change with the floors (if you go up or down enough, the floor changes, as well as the background (sky) color) Snow pile, pine with snow and a snow covered tree, and stone columns for the underground.

I’ll give the climbs another try, and chenge the code for the boss. I can’t do so much about the town part before I speak to the local government (I want them helping with the money to continue the game and for the needed permissions to use actual photos and video of the place I want to show)

Thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot. Change done.

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Tittle screen, first design, done.

I am working on the code for the town, to make it look alive, with little people going back an forth, and even working.

I need to do the GUI for doing the runnings, upgrading the town, and drag the screen to look more places.

Step by step…

A few updates of the runner / scroller game. The town scene is now visible, not complete, but you can see little people going here and there. The idea is to make the town grow, buy new buildings and fill a book with it.

The runner scene now has a full background, instead of the plain colors of before. And yes, the background has 3 sections. Hills, underground and sky, with clouds.

After each run, win or lose, you get a screen with your numbers. How much resources you get, bonus for hearts left, and if you lose… the sad message you will get just 10% of the resources you got. (A changing color WOW if you win).

Baby steps, but moving forward.

Algunas actualizaciones del juego runner / scroller. El pueblo es visible, no está completo, pero podemos ver personitas caminando. La idea es poder hacer crecer el pueblo, comprar nuevas construcciones y llenar un libro con información.

La escena de correr ahora tiene un fondo, no solo los colores planos de antes. Y si, el fondo tiene 3 secciones. Montes, bajo tierra y el cielo, con nubes.

Después de cada carrera, ganes o pierdas, recibes una pantalla con tus resultados. Cuantos recursos obtuviste, bonus por los corazones que te quedaron, y si pierdes… el triste mensaje que solo recibirás el 10% de lo que hallas obtenido. (Un WOW que cambia de color si ganas)

Pasos pequeños, pero moviéndose hacía adelante.