Fix grammar in readmes and texts in GDevelop Repo

Hey guys this topic is related to grammar mistakes in the GDevelop repo.
Yesterday I was with my friend completing his English assignment and in the end he used “Grammarly” to check his assignment.
So I thought lets check our GD repo for same and boom I found some small corrections in all readmes.
Now I was thinking shall I make a PR to fix all these corrections or leave them, since there were no major mistakes?

@4ian or @Bouh or @arthuro555 What do you think ?
I think by using “Grammarly”, this will be the last “fix typo” PR in GD repo. :grin:

You’re free to submit PR to fix typo/grammar errors - though you need to keep a critical eye on the suggested fixes because there is a lot of technical jargon used.
GDevelop codebase is fairly large so we won’t ever fix “everything”, but it’s a good idea to have the main documents as clean as possible.