[Fixed B82+] New - Some Problems

Previously, when we said OK, we could add files from outside the project folder. But this is no longer possible.

Clicking Yes saves the file to the project folder. When you click No, there are no changes. But I want to add the files in my archive out of my project folder.

We’re doing the same thing when adding pictures and it’s healthy, but I think there’s a problem with adding sound.
In this version, some interface problems occurred.
Others in the video.

5.0.0-beta82 - Problems

5.0.0-beta72 - Everything is OK

This is indeed happening on Windows (not macOS). Let me check that.

As I said. There was a nuisance in the previous version. There are also sudden fps drops in general. Old versions too. These troubles are happening on mobile too. If it can overcome these problems gdevelop will be a great engine. Performance is essential to be fluent and immersive.

There was no major changes in the game engine in last version. Though if you can share your game to see if there is anything related to the game engine.

It’s hard to help without more details :slight_smile:

I will share and ask you when my project is finished. There are irrelevant troubles in a strange way. It’s not on the computer, but it turns out when I switch to the phone. If there are improvements to the game engine, it will be super.
I think the biggest deficiencies are post tools and effects. Like water effect. blur etc.
I hope he develops in the future.
I’il let you know if there are errors again. Good luck with.

Remember that phones are FAR less powerful that your computer. They probably won’t support effects without slowing down.

Anyway, the problem in this thread is fixed for next version :slight_smile:
For now, you can work around the problem:
when you click on cancel, the file is properly added to the game but not shown in the field. Clear the file name in the field, then start typing the name of the file you’ve just added. Select it in the list and it will work.

EDIT: see performance tips here: How to debug poor game performance [GDevelop wiki]

The system used in 5.0.0-beta 72 is very nice. It would be nice to use that system in the next update.

I looked at performance-enhancing recommendations. I’m gonna make some more arrangements. Thank you.