[Fixed] Bug with advanced condition "And"?

It seems that the “And” condition is not working for me.
After I had written a function, I checked and it didn’t come out as I expected.
I then took all the parts apart and checked them separately.
And what I found was, both were actually true…

I’m not an expert, but I couldn’t explain it.
Sorry if it was my mistake, but I hope someone can explain to me what happened

So shortly,
both statements are true, but the advanced “and” condition doesn’t recognise it.

Thank you in advance,


Please show us a bit more context :slight_smile:. What events didn’t work? Can you share a screenshot of them please?

Okay, I’ll try to explain it.
As you can see in the image I have three separate conditions.
I checked them separately and the two at the top are true
and the one at the bottom is false.

So this should return true (if I’m not mistaken)

I also did this to check
(I can’t put it in here since I can’t put two images in one post I’ll include it in a next post)
Same concept as my original bit of code

And again I found it didn’t return true (again, it might be my fault, but I don’t get it)

Thanks for looking at it

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I’m able to reproduce the bug when using these “compare” conditions. :thinking:
If I put the two conditions together, they work, but if I move them inside a AND, they stop working. Even a single compare inside a AND doesn’t work.
Thanks for reporting, I forwarded to the github. I’ll update you when 4ian has explained how it’s not a bug but just the twisted GDevelop logic. :sweat_smile:


The bug should be fixed in the next version. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot!
Amazing how fast you guys fixed it!

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Lol that’s funny if you look at the changed code you can see that this was already a known issue, there was a comment in the code about it (that 4ian replaced with a fix)

Yes :rofl: , I’m curious to search the to-do and fixmee :sweat_smile: