[Fixed] Can not remove custom font from text object properties

If you add a custom font to a text, you can not remove it after.
There is simply no option to remove it. If you delete the path of the font and leave the field empty, it is being ignored saying there is an “error in the path” and keep using the font.

It could be also considered a feature request in case it is simply a missing feature and not a bug.


GDevelop 5 beta82
Windows 10 64bit

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I’ve fixed this i will submit my code later with other stuff about text and comment.

Have you seen other inputs we can’t reset ?

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I’ve noticed a similar issue with audio files.

It seems to happen when switching to a different sound…like it doesn’t let you select it from the folder, only the drop down list - but you still have to try to select it in order for it to appear in the list (I could be wrong about that last part, requires more investigative testing). :thinking:

I didn’t see whats wrong
Indeed the audio file if you delete it in the input and validate, the value are still in the eventsheet.
But on audio this seem logic, why delete the value of your audio ?
This event is useless without sound.

But with my fix you will be able to remove the value and the eventsheet will take your new value, empty value included :wink:

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Oh yeah, I meant just switching to a new value. Sometimes I put a sound or music file in, decide I don’t like it and just want to pick a different one. I don’t try to make them an empty value lol

That’s why I said it was a similar issue, not exactly the same :wink:

Sounds good (no pun intended)! Thank you :slight_smile: :+1:

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You will have a new button for reset font :star_struck:

Fixed for next release more than B83


Thanks a lot. Very much appreciated :+1: