[Fixed] Can't start profiler in debugger

Just tried to debug an issue in my game and noticed I am unable to start the profiler.

The button simply doesn’t do anything when I click on it.

Windows 8.1, laptop, 64 bit

This is know and already fixed for the next update :slight_smile:
You can stay under b89 if you want use the profiler.

Oh ok, I’m not using b89 though.

Sorry, I forgot to include the version I’m using, which is b91. I will probably not go backward on installations - tbh, that’s really a pain to keep having to do when something doesn’t work properly, particularly when the program ignores auto-update settings.

I reported the auto-update issue on Github, but never got a response other than from someone who assumed I was working on a fix.

Can you delete your preferences folder ?

C:\Users\Bouh\AppData\Roaming\GDevelop 5

(You can make a copy before if you want go back)

You can also test to add the argument in your shortcut.


Also don’t click on “Check for updates” if you want stay on a previous version.

I just updated to b92 and it works. :+1:

I explained above and in my report that there was a problem with auto-update settings where disabling that option wasn’t preventing updates (I said “the program ignores auto-update settings”).

This may have been an issue in b89 only though; it seems fine in subsequent versions.

Thanks! :slight_smile: