[FIXED] Crashes when I load new sound file!

When I add a “play sound” action and press “Add new sound file” or something like that, it tries to load the Downloads directory, but instead GDevelop crashes. What can I do to get rid of this bug? EDIT: I fixed it. The issue was caused by a corrupt file.

Try reinstalling GDevelop, and if it doesn’t fix it, confirm your operating system, your version of GDevelop, and the exact steps you take.

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It still doesn’t work for me.

Check the Permissions if you are in Windows, try starting GD with admin perms like right click on GD icon and run as Administrator.
If that not solve the issue then uninstall and qhen you are installing again right click gd installer then run as admin.

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This is not a similar issue at all, please actually read the topic before making misleading claims.

Only fixed it temporarily. Thanks for the help though!