[Fixed] Extension issue?

Hi mates I was messing up with the creation of an extension so I ended with a lot of parameters but when you try to setup the extension in the editor the title is missing

Here is the submission: EasyButton - Create a button with text and idle/hover state · Issue #197 · GDevelopApp/GDevelop-extensions · GitHub

Here the source code: GitHub - UlisesFreitas/EasyButton-GDevelop-Extension-: EasyButton Create a button with two animations idle and hover, the button can be identified with a string so later it's easy to manage the states of the button. After you create one button you can add two kinds of conditions Hover or Clicked Hover means the mouse is over the button so the animation changes and this condition returns true. Clicked means the button was clicked and the condition returns true

Here the working example: https://games.gdevelop-app.com/game-a9cb40cd-5b71-492c-9ce2-6e8e64921659/index.html

Here the issue:

A video demonstrate that the extension works fine.

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I’ve reported this scrolling bug into the GDevelop repository on Github!
If you wanna tracking it.

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This is fixed for next version after b114.
Thank you for your report!

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