[Fixed] External layer is flicking every time I load the scene [2]

Everytime I load the scene, the layer is offset for one frame, then flicks back to its intended position afterwards. I use External Layout to design each one of my level.

A little help?
It’s seems totally similar to this : [Fixed] External layer is flicking every time I load the scene but I couldn’t find if it was solved or not.

What is even more weird is that only the ground (green block and co) are affected by this flick, other things are at correct place. But it does affect for example the player which is in floating animation as he doesn’t touch the ground.

Here is some capture of the situation and a video :

Video : https://we.tl/t-HMfLNFg3vw

Thanks in advance :smiley:

The flickering layer you linked to appeared to be because the sprites were not the original size in the scene. Are your sprites resized in your external layout?

So I test different things and it did lead me to a FIX . An awkard one though.

Basically I just add this empty condtion to my main Game events, checking collision between player and assets which previously flicker, and it did the tricks and my problem vanished.

Unfortunatly I couldn’t figure why it works ? someone have a clue !?

Nope this isn’t my case x)

If you can’t figure out wat’s causing the initial flicker, maybe add a fade in effect (and fade out upon death too). It’d hide the first flicker and give a gentle entry into, and out of, the level.

I already found a Fix as mention in a previous post, but I don’t know why it works :slight_smile:

Yes, I know you found a “fix”, but it is more of a hack that may not work if your game gets bigger or changes. I’m unfamiliar with the inner workings of GDevelop It could be that collision check just gives GDevelop enough time to sort out the sizes before rendering them to the screen. Or maybe it loads them to their correct size to work with the collision condition.

The thing is, it’s a bandaid fic that may or may not address the problem permanently. What happens when you add new sprites? Hence I gave the fade in & out suggestion.

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Here the fix if you are curious.

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