[FIXED]Layer is not hidden in HTML5...

I don’t know if it a bug or I miss something, but in this project:
GTA in space.zip

The “ship interior” layer is hidden by default, and it is when I run preview for native platform:

But when I run preview for HTML5, for some reason the layer is visible:

Tried to change the order of layers in the layer editor to see if it affect something, but it not. For some reason, the “ship interior” layer is not hidden in HTML5 but it should be.

I’m using GD latest version on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit.

EDIT:// maybe all hidden layer is affected, but at the beginning only the “ship interior” layer has content to “see”, other hidden layers are empty.

Just a side note; as you can see on the picture, the “ship interior” layer in HTML5 preview show the ship with blue wings, that is also wrong as it should be the ship with orange wings not the ship with blue wings, so, just like in this bug I have reported earlier: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=5461 also in HTML5 preview for some reason the Animation 0 of “ship_interior” object is using the image of Animation 1 but in this case, we don’t do anything with the animation of the object, only rendering the object with default (Animation 0) animation. No such problem in preview for native platform, if I set visible the layer by default in preview for native platform the image of the animation is correct.

So, all in all discovered 2 bugs for HTML5 in latest version of GD on Ubuntu:

  1. hidden layers are still visible
  2. Animation 0 of the “ship_interior” object is using the image of Animation 1

Thanks for reporting these bugs, I hope I’ll be able to fix them soon :slight_smile: