[Fixed] Little but annoying issue (instance variables)

if you are define an object variable in its place and leave the value empty (to give each istance a proper value with hands), you can give the value in the bottom of the properties menu. but when you do this, if you want to enter a value wich is longer than 1 digit, or a string wich is longer than 1 letter, after type the first number or letter GD notice it is changed, and drop you from the process. the changes aren’t loose, just you need to click again and continue typing. it’s not too effective, if you use this feature frequently.

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To better explain/show what Gyuszko means, you lose focus on the text field as soon as you type the first character.

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Thank you guys for this bug report!
I’ll investigate for fix it!


I can reproduce it in the current beta 100, but not in the dev build, someone has fix that before!

It’s fixed for beta 101 :slight_smile:


Thank you for your cooperation!