[Fixed] NavMesh pathfinding extension Animator not working since 5.2.172

Hi, I’ve been happily using the NavMesh pathfinding extension from @davy. But the NavMesh Animator isn’t working anymore in my project. The animations don’t change when the pathfinding object changes directions. Or, it might change once but that’s it, then it will stay on that animation.

So I opened an old simple one event point and click test for an object with different walk animations. The animations in this simple test didn’t work either. They do work in 5.2.172 though. I tried it with both 4 and 8 animations and had the same results. I couldn’t easily test my main project in 5.2.172 as I’ve converted all the variable events…

Simple example, animations change automatically in 5.2.172, but not in 5.2.175

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Are there any errors in the debugger?

Good question. I don’t know how to use it, but opened it anyway. I selected my pathfinding object and looked at what it said for the object in raw mode under the NavMesh behaviour. There was nothing red or error-looking.

Thank you for reporting this issue.

There were spaces after the object name and after :: in some expressions. It’s better handled by new versions of GDevelop and the extension used a negation were it shouldn’t to fall on it feet.

The version 0.2.1 of the NavMesh extension should be released in a few hours.


Thank youuuu, it’s perfect again.